Stacey Mosier

Web Developer & Designer in Tampa, Florida

Focus & Tools

Current Projects

Amish Quilts in SVG & React

A playground to select classic Amish quilt patterns, and adjust the color palette using React components.


Half Square Triangles

A tool to demonstrate how to create half square triangle units for quliting,
including a calculator for finding starting or ending size blocks in inches.



A webapp using React to design seed bead patterns. It's a bit wonky right now, but coming soon!


About Me

As of late, you can find me listening to the latest _chillhop_,
or oversharing progress on the latest quilt on Instagram.
I love combining my interest in web development and vector graphics to create tools for planning quilts and beadwork.

+Things I Like

  • Writing static html sites with minimal style
  • Gitmoji
  • Consolidating UI component styles in legacy content
  • espresso.
  • 2 spaces.
  • Ransacking a site to clear out 404 links
  • Valid HTML & ESLint
  • Setting high cache-control headers
  • Prioritizing backlog issues and writing user stories
  • Vintage 1950s sewing machines & Midcentury modern furniture

-Things I Don't Like

  • A messy desk
  • 503s
  • Lack of naming convention(s)
  • Ridiculously long page load timing
  • The fact that I prefer MDN over w3Schools, yet Google SERP doesn't reflect that as truth
  • Services that offer a discount when I'm trying to cancel a subscription