Stacey Mosier

Web Developer & Designer

Tampa, Florida

Current Projects

Amish Quilts in SVG & React

A playground to select classic Amish quilt patterns, and adjust the color palette using React components.


Half Square Triangles

A tool to demonstrate how to create half square triangle units for quliting,
including a calculator for finding starting or ending size blocks in inches.



A webapp using React to design seed bead patterns. It's a bit wonky right now, but coming soon!


About Me

As of late, you can find me zoning out to Retrowave Outrun,
or oversharing daily progress on the latest quilt on Instagram.
I love combining my interest in web development and graphic design to create tools for planning quilts and beadwork.

I've worked with Drupal 8, Linux/Nginx/MariaDB/Php stack, JavaScript, SASS and the like for the last 3 years. Prior to that, I dabbled in technical support, user training, and general web sleuthing in the US Newspaper industry.

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